MStR Consult: A Helping Hand for Investors interested in Thermal Springs in Greece

The greek thermal springs have an extraordinary water quality and are often situated on equally exraordinary locations - but they are hardly developed and adapted for foreign wellness-tourists. At the investor`s workshop „Development of Thermal Springs“ on Febrary, 28th in the Acropolis Museum potential national and international investors had the opportunity to get an overview of the existing thermal springs and of projects for which are sceduled tender invitations of the Hellenic Asset Development Fund in the near future. The workshop, which was organised by Enterprise Greece and the Hellenic Ministry of Economy and Development with the assistance of the Embassey of Germany in Athens, could house senior political guests: Elena Kountoura, Tourism Minister, and Stergios Pitsiorlas, Deputy Minister for Economy and Development, spoke about the perspectives of the health and spa sector in Greece. MStR Consult was part of a team of experts which, under the umbrella of Project M, were strategic advisors of the Asset Development Fund for the development of seven sites with thermals springs and took part in the preparation of the workshop.

At the symposium about waste management in Thessaloniki which was organized by the Greek-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce on October, 16 2014 Mr. Nasos Michelis (MStR Law) and Mr. Christian Gonsa (MStR Consult) spoke about the legal framework of waste management and about the subsidies of the European Strategic Reference Framework 2014-2020. Amongst others they gave information about the implementation of the legal EU-framework in Greece, the national and regional strategic waste management plans, but also about the money that will be disposed with the new reference framework. 

09/14 MStR Consult and MStR Law in September 2014 had the opportunity to inform the German business community about the facts and features of the Greek wind energy market. At a meeting in the framework of the wind energy fair WindEnergie Hamburg 2014, which was organized by the Greek-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Dirk  Reinhardt (MStR Law) and Christian Gonsa (MStR Consult) presented the actual legislation and licensing procedures, possibilities for subsidies and the development of the electricity network. WindEnergie Hamburg is one of the leading wind energy fairs in the world, in 2014 the fair had 33.000 visitors and 1.250 exhibitors.

MStR Consult is a member of the “International Tourism Network”, a result of the interdisciplinary cooperation of tourism experts. As a guest of the greek National Tourism Organisation (EOT) the network presented on August 28th, 2014 “New Perspectives of Health & Wellness Tourism in Greece” to an auditorium of specialists in the sector. Goal of the network is the development of a strategic guide for pilot projects in the field.

May, 2014. Christian Gonsa, Director of MStR Consult, presents at the Tourism-Workshop “Growth Market Tourism” at the Acropolis Museum in Athens new trends in the incoming tourism-market on the basis of selected statistics. Especially two promising subjects were discussed: Health tourism and regional networking for the development of destinations. The workshop was organized by the German Embassy in Athens and the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. 

February 2014. MStR presents the architecture and provisional material about funding of the new National Strategic Framework 2014-2020 for Greece and Cyprus (27 February 2014, Austrian Economic Chamber, Vienna).

November 2013. MStR Consult informs the Austrian business community in Innsbruck and Vienna about the prospects of the Greek tourism market (26 and 27 November 2013, Economic Chamber of Austria).

November 2013. MStR Consult was the co-author of the study „Greece. Tourism” on behalf of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. In this 114 pages strong study you can find an analysis of the basic structures of the branch as well as important trends and promising developments. It includes profiles of guests and destinations, as well as information about the different market-segments and the possibilities for improvement of these segments. There are delivered informations about actual tenders and privatizations, but also about ways to find subsidies. The study can be ordered on the web-page of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce: