Both Greece and Cyprus are undergoing a painful restructure process. The traditional values have collapsed or continue under new rules, whilst new markets are arising. Within such liquid environment, the trustworthy, detailed information and the careful development of information are crucial for the right investment decision.

The Aim of MStR Consult is to provide trustworthy information on decision-making, offer support to entries into an ever-changing environment and ensure long-standing presence of the client in the market. The close cooperation with the Athens-based law firm MStR Law guarantees immediate and continuous access to Due Diligence legal services, and general legal transaction support – a prerequisite in a transitional period, in which the legal framework changes rapidly.

The Advantage of MStR Consult is the multinational origin of its people, the productive cooperation of experts, who come from different systems of thoughts, education and legal expertise. We build bridges for the real European Union of financial interconnection and integration.